The execution of the CARECHAIN project will be carried out through a set of tasks defined by the company EUROSTAR and the research group BISITE of the University of Salamanca, and structured in three work packages, ranging from analysis of requirements and regulatory framework, through development of consensus techniques, smart contracts and other DLT mechanisms for microinsurance contracting, to integration, evaluation and connection of the platform into ONTOCHAIN ecosystem (cf. table below).

The following activities to implement CARECHAIN project and their timing are described in the table and Gantt chart below:

Work plan task Description Start End
1. Insurtech platform architecture for microinsurance contracting Establish the functional and non-functional requirements and the data model to be met by the project, as well as a design and development of the overall architecture of the solution, including the programming of the Smart Contracts logic, based on the search and study of the needs to achieve the objectives set in the project; and assessing the legislation in the insurance sector and may affect the project approach. M1 M2
2. Distributed Ledger Technologies for microinsurancecontracting Deployment plan, research on arbitration algorithms for dispute resolution on the insurance platform, and on the mechanisms to automate the process of formalizing the insurance contract, after going through a risk assessment process. This will include the design of the network (DAG) as well as the oracles for microinsurance contracting and the verification of the conditions. The resulting modules will process the insurance contract and ensure that it reaches the necessary destinations (user, the platform's document custody, insurer if any, Blockchain/DLT if requested) and for collecting the insurance amount if necessary. M3 M4
3. Integration, validation and interconnection w. ONTOCHAIN ecosystem The modules resulting from the research and development in WP2 will be integrated into the platform from WP1, which will be thoroughly tested and refined, and finally, connectors will be developed to interconnect CARECHAIN platform with the rest of the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem. M4 M5